Wendell Berry Reading Group

One of the authors who has significantly shaped my thinking is Wendell Berry, and he is an author I would love to introduce you all to through my writing at Over the Field -especially concerning his philosophy of agriculture.

I run a Wendell Berry Reading Group (see the archive at the bottom of this post) here on Over the Field. This takes the form of Substack posts with an open comment section where I summarise an essay of Mr. Berry’s and pose a series of guided questions that dig deeply into his work. These questions aim to help us understand his thinking and draw applications that will shape and influence our lives as we strive onward to the ‘Good Life’. I also run a Zoom discussion once every two months for paid subscribers which will be an open discussion on an essay from Wendell Berry’s book the World Ending Fire.

These posts and zoom discussions are for paid subscribers only as a means of adding value to a paid subscription. A yearly subscription to Over the Field is currently £25 a year - the price of a good hardback book. By subscribing you get access to all the Wendell Berry Reading posts, my Gleanings from the field posts, and also access to a few future projects that are in the pipeline. Your support means a lot to a small writer such as myself.

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Here is a list of all the reading group posts so far. Currently, we are looking at the book The World Ending Fire.